How to Shoot the Best Travel Videos With An Action Camera

Many people would love to discover the places they have never been to. Some of you might want to unwind through travelling to breathtaking locations and engage in exciting activities. Here in Canada, there are many beautiful locations worth visiting for. If you wish to see the country's abundant wildlife or take part in thrilling water adventures, the Great White North has an excellent place to offer. When it comes to great explorations, it would be best to preserve your travel memories through videos and photographs. So if you are planning for your next trip, make sure to bring a camera that you can use to create exciting travel videos.


Why Use An Action Camera for Travel Videos?

There are many camera devices that you can use to document your road trips and explorations from a point and shoot to DSLRs. You can even use your smartphone to take pictures and footage. But if you want to level up your videos, then you may prefer an action cam.

What is an action camera, and why use it?

An action camera, also known as an action cam, is a type of camera that is more compact compared to point and shoot and DSLRs. Usually, it has 4k resolution that allows you to make top-notch quality videos. Aside from shooting footage, an action cam also will enable you to capture excellent photos with its large sensors. The videos and pictures taken can be immediately transferred using Bluetooth and WiFi. This feature is best for vloggers; people who regularly post videos across social media platforms. But an action camera is not limited to them since it can be used by anyone who wants to create enticing video clips. When it comes to videography, you will surely love the features that a standard action cam has. Some of these are as follow:

1. It can be used as a dashcam. If you don't have a dashboard camera, but you want to document your exciting road trips, then you may consider an action cam. This device is ideal for road adventures because of its 4k resolution and wide-angle view. You only have to find the best spot to get better access on the road and make a fascinating travel video.

2. It has 4k video resolution. An action cam allows you to enjoy a high-definition video that is four times the resolution of a 1080p HD video. So if you want to ensure the quality of your travel videos, then you may consider an action cam.

3. It has a compact size. With the camera's small size, it is easier for you to bring it anywhere. Its portability gets rid of your worries of bringing heavy camera equipment. It can even fit into the palm of your hand. Not only that, but the action cam can also be attached to different types of mounts and straps.

4. It is waterproof. Being water-resistant is one of the best features of an action cam. So you don't have to worry about exploring beaches and taking part in several water adventures such as snorkelling, surfing, and even swimming.


Tips In Using An Action Cam When Shooting Travel Videos

If you are amazed at the action cam's features and you are considering to use it, then it is essential to learn some tips in using it. Familiarizing yourself with its functions can help you improve your videography skills. To make the best travel videos, try to follow these simple techniques:

1. Create a list of your shots. Before venturing out, it is vital to plan for your shooting strategies. You may create a list of the shots that you want to incorporate in your travel video so that you will not miss a significant detail. Try to experiment with different angles such as wide shot, medium shot, and a close-up. Use your creativity and utilize ideal props if necessary.

2. Follow the rule of thirds. In photography, there is a golden rule that the majority of photographers follow. It is the rule of thirds where you have to position your subject in one of the thirds of your screen. If you find it challenging to divide your screen, then you may check the camera settings of your action cam. Usually, cameras have a grid that splits your screen into thirds by default. Aligning your subject in the right region of your camera frame can enhance the composition of the footage, making it more interesting.

3. Use mounts and other necessary accessories. If you are shooting with a moving subject, it is challenging to make a steady video using your hands only. So to make it easier, you can utilize the right accessories like gimbals and mounts for stabilization. A gimbal is a device that you can use with your action camera. It is a type of platform that can rotate at least one axis. With an axis, the camera remains upright and balanced. You can use it to move around to counteract external movements. It also keeps the center at a level position.

4. Use the best lighting. When it comes to taking good photos and videos, you need proper lighting. However, you can't always bring lighting equipment for your travel so you can switch to the natural light in your environment. When shooting outdoors, try to consider the golden hour, which refers to the sunrise and sunset. It is the perfect time of the day that offers the most flattering light. You can use the golden hour to make a dramatic scene when taking videos of both landscapes and cityscapes. To end your video with a nice shot, you can make use of the blue hour, which happens before dark. At this time, the sky casts a blue colour before it gets black. During the blue hour, you can shoot exciting silhouettes of your subject.


Many adventure-seekers want to go to their dream destination. When you get the chance to follow your wanderlust and visit the places you have always been dreaming of, don't miss the opportunity of making exciting travel videos that you can treasure for a lifetime. These footages can serve as the best memories that you can revisit anytime. So plan your next trip, prepare your action cam, and create the best travel experience of your life.