How to Use A Dashcam for Travel Videos

Car owners use a dashcam as a security device while parking the vehicle or driving it. It can be mounted on the dashboard, to document sounds and images while you are travelling. With a dash camera, you'll know what is happening inside and outside your car through the recorded footage. The film can be used for a variety of purposes. But primarily, it is used as evidence if something unfortunate happens like car accidents. As a videography enthusiast, you can utilize the dashcam to take exciting road trip videos. With the right camera settings, you can make appealing travel videos that you can share with your friends across social media platforms.

How to Purchase the Ideal Dashcam


Dash cameras come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Aside from that, they also have different features that are suitable for various purposes. For instance, there is a dashcam for vehicles used in business deliveries. There is also a dash cam for people who want to protect themselves in case of a traffic infraction. When it comes to recording travel videos, it is essential to buy a dashcam with an excellent power source. Dashcams are usually powered by the vehicle in which they are mounted with the use of a cigarette-lighter adapter. But you also have the option of using car cams that use batteries. You can choose either of the two options that you think can last longer for your travel.


When buying a dash camera for creating travel videos, here are some reminders:


#1 Choose a device with a broader field of view (FOV). It is essential to pick a dashcam with wide FOV to shoot a vast area in front of the vehicle. Doing so allows you to take a broad scope of exciting scenes. For instance, if you are road tripping on a field, the dashcam will cover as much as it can for the film. That's why it is essential to travel in an area with breathtaking views to be seen in the footage.


#2 Consider the minimum and maximum operating temperatures of the device. Dashcams come in several features, including the operating temperatures. It is essential to know the limit of your cam in terms of high or low temperatures. Some car cams cannot withstand extreme heat, which is not ideal if you travel to a hot region.


#3 Pick a dash camera with a high frame rate. Your dashcam should record videos without skipping frames or having too much motion blur. To achieve this, buy a dashcam with a higher frame rate. You can tell whether your dashcam is ideal for shooting travel videos if it can take videos with at least 30 fps.


#4 Purchase a dashcam with built-in screens. Some dashcams have integrated screens that allow you to review the footage. Consider this type of dashcam so that you can check the quality of the footage. Not only that, but it also allows you to change the settings if you need to manipulate them.


Recommended Dashcam Settings for Travel Videos


Once you have chosen an excellent dash camera for your adventures, it's time to learn the ideal settings for travel videos. Although these are optional, using them can help you create more appealing videos. So whether you are out for camping or a backcountry trip, you will surely document scenic landscapes and road scenes. Here are some tips in making travel videos using a dash camera:


#1 Adjust the video quality. In any camera device, you can adjust the video resolution. Make sure to choose the highest resolution to make high-quality videos. You can experiment with the resolution and frame rate, but the best would be something that works well in day and night.


#2 Change the g-sensor sensitivity. Most dashcams are equipped with a g-sensor. This feature automatically locks a video if it detects an accident. However, the device locks files by mistake. It is because there are instances when the car goes over a bump or even a sharp turn. With this issue, your dashcam might be filled with locked files, affecting your shooting experience. So make sure to adjust the g-sensor to have the best filming.


#3 Decrease the recorded file length. If you are having a hard time transferring files from your dashcam to your computer, you can change the range of data recorded in the device. Besides, the shorter the footage is, the easier to manage it. But if you have an ideal memory card, the length of the file should not be an issue.


#4 Either mute or unmute the audio. You can mute or unmute the video depending on what you want to achieve for the footage. For instance, if you're going to use the natural sound from your travel videos, don't mute the dashboard's audio. But make sure that there will be no unwanted noise like phone calls. Doing so will provide you with excellent sound for the footage.


#5 Use a 16GB+ class 10 memory card. You might not know what exciting things await for your trip. That's why you have to prepare for a memory card that can hold as much storage as possible. In this way, you can take as many video clips, which you can edit in the post-production process. When buying a memory card, it is essential to look for something compatible with your dashcam.


Dashcams are excellent devices that you can use for security purposes. But aside from this, you can also use them to create exciting videos of your travel adventures. If you still don't have a dashcam yet, especially if you’re planning to go for a road trip, consider the tips mentioned earlier. Besides knowing how to buy an ideal dashcam, it is also vital to learn the recommended camera settings. In this way, you can ensure that you can make appealing videos worth sharing.