Product Photography: Helpful Tips for Online Entrepreneurs

Building your own business can be quite challenging because you have to consider a lot of things, from finding the right location to submitting all the necessary legal documents. Other than that, you also need to think of practical ways on how you can establish your brand. The competition in every field of business is getting tougher every day. It is why it is crucial to determine how you can reach your target market in a fast and efficient way.

Some entrepreneurs believe that digital marketing is one of the fundamental keys to influence your audience. When it comes to marketing your brand, product photography can help you advertise your products.

Part of this marketing strategy is making use of social media platforms where most people have created an account. When using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, it is essential to include a photo in your post. Doing so can make your post more appealing, which can grab the attention of your viewers. When posting pictures online, especially for your business, it is essential to follow some guidelines for you to create the best photographs that can entice customers.


Product Photography: What is It?

Product photography is a genre of photography that deals with taking excellent pictures of a certain product. It is one of the forms or commercial photography that aims to present a product in the best way possible. Like other genres, photographers who are in this kind of photography need to consider proper lighting, background, and even essential props. Many entrepreneurs consider product photography because it helps customers choose among their products.


How to Do An Effective Product Photography

Many social media users have limited time browsing their social media accounts; that's why getting their attention could be challenging. One simple way to attract your consumers is through photographs. As other people say, a picture speaks a thousand words. It means that you may only use a few words for advertising your product or service. It is why improving product photography is significant in maximizing your online presence.

For entrepreneurs, here are some guidelines and tips on how you can improve the photographs that you post online:

1. Be consistent in the angles of your pictures. Consistency is one of the fundamental keys to create quality photographs. A simple way to do it is by making use of a tripod. This equipment is a perfect addition to your camera set-up because it can help you stabilize your photos. It is important to avoid inconsistencies, especially when photographing in a long time. There are two types of tripods that you can use. The first one is the traditional tripod, which has an extendable stand. The other type is the flexible tripod which you can bend to achieve your desired angle.

Lighting is also an aspect that you should consider when it comes to consistency. Know that you can make use of the natural light that comes from the sun or the artificial light that comes from light bulbs, candles, and the like. Try to choose natural light when taking pictures of outdoor products. It also goes well with apparel, accessories, and anything that a person can wear. The reason for this is the light from the sun casts a softer range of light. On the other hand, artificial light, which is also known as the "hard light," creates a focused light surface. It perfectly matches with the products that have significant physical details.

2. Be as creative as possible. Take some inspiration from magazines and brochures when taking photographs. Doing so can provide you with some techniques that you can apply for your product photography. You can also follow the top brands which are similar to your products. Don't forget to stay updated with the latest photography trends since they can also help you with what to include in your photographs.

3. Be more creative in using props. Using significant props in your photographs can help you create a variety of images. For example, if you are selling a watch or any accessory, you can take pictures of it by using a white background or placing it on a hand mannequin. For apparel, you can also add some accessories to the clothes and create an appealing flat lay.

4. Soften the shadows in the pictures. Either you use natural or artificial light; there are instances when there is hard light cast on the opposite end of your captured product. Once you see that there are insignificant shadows, you need to lessen them by bouncing or filling your light. You can soften the shadows in several ways. The first one is by using a bounce card or popularly known as a reflector card. It is a small card that bounces or reflects the light to reduce the casted shadows. You can utilize a bounce card and attach it to the flashbulb of your camera lens for light diffusion. On the other hand, you can make use of a standalone bounce card, mainly if you are using your smartphone.

5. Use a high-end camera. If you wish to improve your photographs, you may need to invest in a high-end camera. It is because such a device can help you capture quality pictures. You can make use of a DSLR, and even a smartphone will do as long as it has calibre megapixels. Make sure not to use a camera that is less than four megapixels because you may find it challenging to capture the crucial details of your product. After choosing your preferred device, be sure to familiarize yourself with the camera settings. You can adjust it manually to get the right brightness, contrast, exposure, and other vital aspects.

6. Use a sweep for the background. Having an excellent background is essential when taking photographs. Many entrepreneurs prefer a white background because it gets rid of any distractions, emphasizing clarity. For white backdrops, you may use a sweep to capture a perfect photograph. A sweep is a large bendable sheet of paper or board which provides a background beneath and behind the product.


There are countless ways on how you can market your goods and services. Product photography is one of the ideal ways to showcase your products. It is essential to post them on the right social media sites for you to reach out to your target audience.