Top 5 Accessories for An Action Camera

Perhaps, you could be planning to buy an action camera for your travel needs. Aside from being an excellent recorder for road trips, you may also utilize this device to document your sports adventures. No matter what interests you, be it mountain biking or rock climbing, you can use the action cam to make a video of your trips. One of the best things about most action cams is being resistant to water. That makes it perfect for your water adventures. If you haven't explored its uses yet, you may find challenges when using the camera. It is because you need additional accessories to conveniently use it. So if you want to create exciting videos, consider buying some essential accessories for your camera.

Must-Have Action Cam Accessories


There's a myriad of accessories that you may select for your action cam. It would be costly to buy all of them, from different types of mounts to gimbals and housings. When purchasing an accessory, it is essential to identify your purpose of using the camera. In this way, you can determine which accessories are suitable for your adventures. For instance, if you want to enhance your videos' quality, you may use a gimbal for stability. Other than that, some mounts are ideal for certain types of sports. If you are investing in action cam accessories, you may prioritize the following:


#1 Bicycle/Motorcycle Mounts - There are several types of mounts for action cameras. Among them are chest mounts, head mounts, helmet mounts, motorcycle mounts, and wrist mounts. But if you are fond of mountain biking or motorcycle riding, you need a mount designed for it. Bicycle/motorcycle mounts can be easily screwed with the handles. Using these accessories will allow you to record stable videos. Although they can offer shake-proof recording, you still need to consider the road quality.


#2 Chest Mounts - For better POV's, consider purchasing a chest mount for your adventures such as skydiving and surfing. Some people prefer this type of mount compared to those used in bicycles and motorcycles. It is because chest mounts can get rid of unwanted shakes like what head mounts do. With chest mounts, you can easily document any video and capture hands-free shots. When availing one from a local or online store, look for chest mounts made of breathable and lightweight materials. Also, consider mounts that can be easily adjusted since there are different body types. 


#3 Gimbals - If you are a video enthusiast or a vlogger who wants to share adventures, you need an accessory to help you in shooting videos. Consider getting a three-axis gimbal so that you can create shake-proof videos when moving fast or travelling on a bumpy surface. If you are wondering how gimbals work, know that it dictates the movement of the object. Since it has a pivoted support, it can allow the rotation of any object in a single axis. Having a three-axis gimbal guarantees that each movement of the camera is stabilized. So whether you are going forwards and backwards, left and right, or up and down, you can ensure that you have high-quality videos.


#4 Helmet Mounts - Another type of mount that you may buy from camera stores is a helmet mount. It helps you to place the camera from the front, back, side, or to the helmet. It is ideal for adventures where you need to use a helmet such as kayaking or rock climbing. You may avail of this if you are not comfortable with other types of mounts.


#5 Waterproof Housing - Most action cameras are waterproof, but it is significant to add extra protection. So if you like doing some water adventures including boating, kayaking, surfing, and swimming, you need a waterproof housing for action cams. When purchasing this accessory, know how far it can go underwater. It is because there are still depth limitations for water-resistant items. You may ask the seller if the accessory can be used for diving and snorkelling. Aside from that, you may check those waterproof housings that also provide sand protection.


Other Accessories to Consider

Aside from the accessories mentioned earlier, other items can help you enhance the video quality. Although buying them is optional, you may still check these accessories below and identify if you need them:


#1 Audio - Not all action cameras have excellent sound quality. So if you need to improve it, you need an additional audio recording mechanism to enhance the overall sound quality. This accessory is highly recommended if you are shooting videos. Whether it's for personal use or for creating vlogging contents, you need to ensure that it can be heard. Look for audio devices that can easily sync to achieve perfect recording. 


#2 Filters - If you are shooting underwater, you may need a filter to achieve the perfect colour tone. For instance, buy a filter that corrects the white balance, especially if you are shooting up to 9 feet. Consider filters that enhance the colour distribution for the recorded footage. Using filters for action cameras can add to the aesthetics of the film.


#3 Lights - Action cam lights come in a variety of sizes and functions. You have to find something that has an adapter that you can easily attach to other devices. Look for lights that are also waterproof so that you can use them if you are into water sports like scuba diving. Utilizing action cam light is ideal if you need extra lights for more precise footages.


Action cameras are excellent devices either for recording your road trips or documenting your sports adventures. But to maximize the use of action cams, you may need additional accessories like mounts and gimbals to improve the overall quality of the footage. Not only that but using action cam accessories can also provide a better point-of-view, making your videos more appealing.