What You Should Know About Fashion Photography

​Fashion photography is recognized as one of the most popular genres of photography. It primarily features clothing and apparel for both men and women. It may also include shoes, accessories, and other stylish items that can be used to create a trendsetting fashion statement. Like different genres, fashion photography requires artistic skills. Fashion photography requires characteristics such as creativity and excellent attention to detail. As a fashion photographer, you should also have the ability to guide models in using refined poses in creating aesthetically appealing photographs.


The First-Ever Fashion Model

Fashion photography has an interesting history. Way back in 1856, a book containing 288 pictures of Virginia Oldoini was published. It was written by Adolphe Braun, who had decided to feature the countess in his book. Oldoini was a Tuscan noblewoman who had an excellent social position at the court of Napoleon III. In her photographs, she had worn royal wedding clothes, making her the first fashion model recorded in history. Since then, fashion photography became popular. As time passed by, photoshoots became normal. It is very evident in these modern days when you can see different magazines feature models in their sophisticated apparel.


How to Make a Fashion Photoshoot Successful

The concept of fashion photography nowadays is similar to how Oldoini did in the old times. You will need a model who will wear the garbs or other fashionable items. Fashion photography these days requires you to think outside the box by being more creative in this field. You can be more creative by using props in the photoshoot or look for enthralling photography locations. Either you are still new to fashion photography, or you want to progress in this craft, it is essential to improve your skills. 

Here are some tips that could help in making your fashion photo shoot a successful one:

1. Create a striking concept for your fashion shoot. Fashion photography does not only refer to taking pictures of models with fabulous garbs. It is all about the story depicted in your photographs. This is why before you start, it is important to conceptualize a unique impression that you want to showcase through the pictures.

If you are working under a company or for a client, it is necessary to coordinate with them and ask what they like to express in the photos. Identifying the purpose of the shoot can significantly help you in setting your goals. Are you doing the photoshoot to create an interesting portfolio? Or are you going to publish it in magazines and other publications? Questions like these should be taken into consideration to determine your real objective.

2. Find an ideal photography location. If you shoot indoors, it is significant to create the perfect setting that is suitable for your photoshoot. As mentioned before, you can make use of props to make engaging photographs. For instance, you may need vintage items if your fashion shoot is retro-themed. For outdoor photoshoots, look for appealing sites, be it a natural landscape or cityscape. You may also consider attractive streets since street fashion is very trendy. When choosing a photography site, keep in mind the lighting since it can affect your photographs. There are many opportunities when it comes to choosing a location, so make sure to take advantage of your imagination.

3. Look for your dream team. In fashion photography, the critical element is the clothes or accessories that will be featured in the pictures. Make sure to hire the perfect team that can help you, especially when it comes to styling. It is significant to use garments suitable for the fashion theme. Following the required style can help improve your photographs. From hair and make-up to the apparel, find a fashion stylist who can assist you in these aspects. 

Once done in looking for your team members, start searching for the right models. If you are following a specific style, you may need to assess the characteristics of the model who can fit your desired theme. 

4. Bring all the necessary equipment. Either indoors or outdoors, it is vital to have a complete photoshoot set-up to avoid any problems. Be prepared as much as possible. You can do this by having a checklist of the equipment that you need in the fashion shoot. Bring extra items like batteries in case of emergencies. 

5. Have a back-up plan. When doing photoshoots, unplanned events might happen. Say you are shooting outdoors, then suddenly it rains. What is your back-up plan? Are you going to wait for the rain to stop, or will you create another schedule for your fashion shoot? Unwanted situations like these could stress you or your team out. Your whole concept might be affected if there is a sudden change in the weather or if a technical problem occurs. To properly handle these things, always have a back-up plan.


Something great about fashion photography is that it enhances your imagination. This photography genre allows you to tell a story by applying your unique style. From adorable clothes and accessories to graceful poses of the model, you can come up with new creative  techniques to become a skillful fashion photographer.